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Just as everyone is unique, so is their path to wellness. With over 20 years of experience, Melanie understands that there are many paths to well-being and healing – here is not one modality that achieves wellness for everyone. Melanie’s foundation is rooted in Massage, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and Herbalism. Melanie also incorporates Functional Medicine Testing and Supplementation, Nutritional Counselling, Mediation and Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral and Visceral Therapy, and other Massage modalities to create a whole, individualized path to healing. Melanie understands that optimal health is truly achieved when we can integrate all parts of our being, physical, emotional and spiritual. Working with Melanie not only brings your body and health into balance and alignment, but also empowers you to be an active participant in your healing and remain on the path of wellness.

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Melanie L. Kaplan, L.Ac.

Melanie’s concentration is on treating the root cause of a disease or disorder, and strongly believes in treating from a mind-body perspective. Through the use of acupuncture, functional medicine, nutritional and herbal counseling as well as other various healing modalities she effectively and gently helps return you to a place of balance where true healing can be achieved.  Her patient focused and patient driven treatments take into account the person as a whole.

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