Moxibustion + Cupping + Gua Sha

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Moxibustion is the application of indirect heat that is supplied by burning a dried herbal preparation (Follium Artimesia Vulgaris).  Moxa may be applied over a specific acupuncture point or points or over general area of the body.  It helps relieve pain and fatigue caused by overwork and cold.   Moxa is also essential in preventative medicine.  Receiving moxibustion creates a pleasurable and relaxed feeling.

Cupping uses small to large vacuum cups on the surface of the skin over large muscular areas such as the back to enhance blood flow and superficial circulation.  This is useful in treating pain, and can help open the lungs in cases of cough or asthma.  While the cupping procedure is often relaxing and painless it is not uncommon for a deep redness or discoloration similar to that of a bruise to appear on the skin after a session.  This discoloration typically lasts for 3-4 days or in rare cases up to 2 weeks.  These marks resolve on their own and are not an indication of complication or injury. 

Gua Sha like cupping helps to increase surface circulation, move energy and improve lymphatic drainage, and is anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating.  Gua Sha treats pain, limited range of motion, cold and cough as well as nausea. Using a blunt tool (often a chinese spoon or a tool made from horn), the skin is scraped in one direction repeatedly.  After a successful treatment of Gua Sha one will see reddened skin and small darker red dots or droplets of blood on the skin. These will self resolve in a few days