Qi Gong + Meditation

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Qi Gong is a non-invasive healing modality that incorporates the same therapeutic principals as acupuncture. Through breathwork and exercises of Qi Gong an acupuncture treatment can be greatly enhanced.  Melanie will often prescribe specific Qi Gong exercises to her patients for them to do between sessions. Melanie was trained in Qi Gong by Merle Morgan-Drennan. Meditation and Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to the mind to achieve a state of mental clarity and emotional calm.  Meditation allows us to exit the fight or flight state that so many of us exist in and drop into a more centered, thoughtful way of living.  Melanie has completed the meditation teacher training courses at Unplug and the Davidji Masters of Wisdom training.  Melanie currently teaches at Unplug in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, as well as seeing private clients and groups.