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MLK Wellness provides saliva, stool, dried urine (DUTCH),  functional blood, and MRT testing.  Testing can be invaluable to getting to the root cause of system dysregulation and dysfunction that lead to uncomfortable symptoms.  Once testing is completed, a customized protocol is developed and typically a retest is scheduled for 3-4 months later.  The preferred tests used are the GI-MAP for stool testing which provides an abundance of information on gut health, inflammation, and the bodies ability to get the nutrients from the foods ingested.  This test is key in discovering H.pylori, parasites, bacterias, yeasts, inflammation markers and the bodies ability to digest the many components of a diet.  The Mediator Release Test, or MRT, is powerful when paired with GI-MAP test.  The MRT tests for a foods ability to cause an inflammatory response in your system.  Inflammation is the main cause of most gut disorders, and often the origination of inflammation comes from the foods we ingest.  The MRT allows us to target inflammatory foods, temporarily remove them from the diet during the healing protocol and slowly reintroduce them to tolerance.  Saliva, DUTCH and functional blood testing are used to assess hormonal, thyroid, and adrenal health and function, and is then paired with an individualized protocol to restore your health and bring you back into balance. Ask about our Testing and Wellness packages.